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Position statements


Orphanage and family care

TOP does not support the establishment of institutions only designed for the basic housing, heath and schooling of children (basic feed, clean & sleep care). We do not wish to support a child in an orphanage where a family environment is available to that child which would be better. Our focus on the best development of each child rather than supporting the failing system.

Sadly it will be some time before the “system” evolves into a family or community based care model and until then children need help now. 

Our hope is to help the children who are in orphanages, working with the staff and government bodies, to improve their basic care where no alternative is available to that child.



TOP is not in any way connected to adoption services and does not take part in the adoption process.  Anyone wishing to adopt any child must follow the regulations and rules governing adoption for the country in question and TOP can not facilitate this. Any child described or pictured by TOP is done to explain where there is need or where achievements have been met within a group of children and to demonstrate examples of problems the children my experience, such as illness or abuse.  

Any and all approaches from the public to adopt a child will not be acted upon other than to refer them to the appropriate Adoption Authority in the country and their embassy in that country for further support.