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Baby V

We understand that Baby "V" was abandoned at birth by a drug addict.


Here she is with other children that we were told were all receiving treatment for  HIV, Hepatitis or some other disease where chronic care and treatment is given.

Baby V was born in the summer of 2008 by an injecting drug user. We understood from our translator that the doctor was treating her for conditions that she is at risk to. We also learnt that Baby V's grandmother was visiting her and wanted to adopt her back into the family. Sadly at the time of our visit we were told that the Grandmother lived with other members of the family who did not want to raise "V".


While we were there Helen had the chance to pick her up and Baby V looked around the room taking everything in. She didn't seem strong enough to sit up where she was laying on her own. She was a good weight, surprisingly quiet and very warm. She grabbed Helen's finger and seemed to like the attention until we were ushered on to the next room.